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Who signs rank requirement?

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Quick questions, who signs off the rank requirements? SM, ASM, PL or the SPL? I can't seem to find that thread. I thought that the PL or the SPL signs off as he teaches the boys. The SM holds the SM conference and the Committee or interested parents (other than the ASMs and the SM) holds the BOR. Our SM indicated that I, as the ASM, need to sign off the boys' rank requirement. I don't mind at all, but since this is a patrol method, the PL and the SPL are the teachers and thus they will need to sign off on the scout's book or at least that what I remembered from OLT.


Also, the blue merit badge card, who signs that? The SM or the Advancement Chair? So about the simple questions ... new to the ASM world.


A little more history ... it was our first official meeting with the Scout Troop. After being a Cubmaster for several years, it was tough to see the new boys run amock, rendering the older scouts helpless, but I bit my tongue, sat on my hands and let the older boys deal with the situation. I think that our troop will have a "growing pain," a true growing pain. They went from 25 to 52 boys overnight! With the majority of the new boys are Webelos. From my observations, how do I (as an new ASM assigned to the new scout patrol) help the troop guide to get the new boys to calm down (crowd control). Last night, I did step the PL aside once in a while to ask him how would he have handled the situation and lead him to a suggestion that might work. I found myself coaching the SPL as well. Now, am I overstepping my boundaries as an ASM? I was taught that we need to coach the JLeaders in approaching the solution by themselves and I think that I did that, but is there anything else that I could do? The SM and the Committee are planning to put the JLs through JLT in April/May time frame. I just need to help them with working with the younger boys! 13 of these 20 new scouts are the same ones that I have known for five years. They were wonderful (under adult guidance), but as they taste the new environment, they are testing the limits of everything ... which is great, but very discomforting for parents to watch, especially they have a vision that the Scouting world will be run the same way as the Cub world is. Yes, I have explained to these parents of what to expect in a Patrol Method and boy-lead world.



Thanks in advance,





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The Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures, No. 33088D, states on page 24 states: " A Scout may be tested on rank requirements by his patrol leader, Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmaster, a troop committee member, or a member of his troop. The Scoutmaster maintains the list of those qualified to give tests and pass canidates. The Scout's merit badge counselor teaches and and tests on the requirements for merit badges."


This means the the Scoutmaster and the PLC should decide who can sign off on requirements. The requirements for Scout Spirit, time in troop, leadership, service hours, merit badges earned, Scoutmaster's Conference and BOR should be signed off by an adult leader. Since the requirements for Star, Life and Eagle are all the type above, Scouts should not sign off on these requirements.


The Scoutmaster Conferences should be conducted by the SM, unless he/she delegates it. I would not recommend this delegation under normal circumstances.


The blue card needs to be signed by the Scoutmaster on the front and should be signed on the back by the Advancement Chair when entered into the Troop's records and ensuring that the merit badge counselor has signed the card. I always use the requirement section on the back to track the Scout's progress on the merit badge on the Scouts I counsel.(This message has been edited by shemgren)

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Shemgren covered it very accurately. I will ad one more thing. One hour stated athat interested others can serve on the Board of review. That's true for Eagle Scout, however all other boards are done by no less than three and no more than five registered troop committee members.


Bob White

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