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For the 2005 Jambo, one Troop from our Council did King Friday's Castle.

From Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, with a working train.

The CSP that year had Fred Rodgers on.

We got permission from his widow and at the shake down weekend she and Mr McEeely came and we presented them with a special patch.

If you send me an email address I see if I can dig up the old photos.

I'm not sure where they are, being as I had the guy in the store transfer all the stuff from my old computer to this one.

I wanted to do a rope weave! But the Scouts out voted me!!

Boy those kids do get in the way!! (Joke!)


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Before you get too jazzed up building the next Taj Mahal, take a look at the current guidelines for Gateways. There has to be a "fall zone" so that any toppling gateway clears any tents/pavilions. There are the usual restrictions against digging any post holes, and also about the kind of wind MPH it's supposed to withstand. Also it can't be shipped separately (we had a troop bring one in on a flatbed in '01) and cannot be discarded on site. I'm not sure where the document is but you should get familiar with it before making big (and I do mean BIG) plans.

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