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Beaver, your post describes what is happening around here to a T. Like you, the only reason I had any idea what was (not) happening at all is because I know someone who was a jambo ASM in '05 and he has been "pitching" it to me for some time.


And, of course, because of this board... (thanks, folks)

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ha, does that mean this forum is costing you up to $5000? Wow, you're dedicated. lol


As an update, our council has completed selecting the adult leadership for 4 troops, plus alternates. We've recruited enough youth for 1/2 10 2/3 of the contingent. Now we're working to fill the rest of the troops and recruit staffers. We've got our tours arranged, hotels booked, and printed some nice 4 color brochures for recruiting. We've got a payment plan in place and worked out a first fund raiser of popcorn sales for those wishing to participate.


Even though National has opened the website as of the 1st of July, I would think that the contingents need to be filled really soon to give the families an opportunity to fund the trip. Our final cost is going to be $2800 / attendee. Flying in from the West coast and touring for a week prior.

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"My council STILL has not put out any info at all about jambo; nothing on our website, in our newsletter, or available in any other format. When I talked with a couple of our council pros recently they didn't seem to have any idea what was going on or when info would be available."


Don't worry. None of the councils in my area have anything as yet on their websites or newsletters for Jamboree. I think most are still getting their leadership organized. I really really don't expect to hear anything until this Fall. There is an 'All Hands' meeting of the professionals in early August, so am sure this will be a venue for bring the council pros up to speed on things and the like. The National Jambo website still is missing info and the like.


So don't get all worked up.


Am sure when the fall rolls around (Sept/Oct I would hope) councils will start their recruitement. Heck, AFAIK my council exec hasn't approved my staff application. I wonder if he's approved any at this point. (course, I could be the only one who has applied so far from my council :) ).



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