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Colin and Gus.

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I am constantly amazed at how different brothers can be.

I don't know why? Looking at myself and my brother I can see that we have very little in common. He is very short and by English standards I'm tall even at 5'11". He had jet black hair, while I had brown hair. Still I'm amazed at how different brothers can be.

Colin and Gus are brothers and I was pleased when they both signed up for the Jamboree. I know their Dad and he is a great guy.

Colin has jet black hair and Gus has red hair. Colin is the older of the two by just over a year.

They both went their own way at the Jamboree, I never seen them hang out or do stuff together.

Gus, is a very happy kid, at times he seemed very happy just doing his own thing.

Colin was busy doing stuff all over Fort AP Hill. Gus moved a much slower pace. But he was happy just doing what ever it was he was doing. Even doing laundry. He asked me for some detergent and rinsed out a ton of clothes. He hung them on a line without wringing them out, left them hang out all night, so the dew which seemed to be very heavy got to them. They hang out for what seemed a very long time, but it didn't seem to bother Gus.

While I really like both Lads, I was taken with Gus. He is just such a happy kid.

When we got back I was talking with his parents and I said what a great kids they both were, but I thought Gus really had a great time. His parents were shocked. They asked if I was sure I was talking about Gus.

Yesterday was payday.

In the mail I received a letter which read:

Dear Eammon,

The Jamboree was a blast and it was worth every penny. Colin and I want to thank you for being such a good and responsible leader. You let us be independent and go whereever we wanted whenever we wanted. You weren't too strict but you knew how to handle 40 scouts quite well.

I'm glad you made it through your surgery o.k. and your recovery was fast. It would have been a bummer if you weren't able to make it.If you weren't there jambo wouldn't have been such a great scout experience.

Thanks again

Your Friends in Scouting

Colin and Gus


I didn't get upset about the mis-spellings even of Eamonn!! I smiled when I seen the "Handle 40 Scouts quite well -Even if there were only 36!!

I knew this Lad was special and this letter confirms it. I'll take a letter like this over a Silver Antelope.


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