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Scouts and leaders may be interested in this little series. A friend sent it to me because he knew I'm a Scouter. This is a 12 year old boy who is sent out in various survival scenarios. The people who support the videos make sure he is backed up, so these are not situations Scouts should try on their own. Just makes for interesting discussions.



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Since I have the YouTube app on my Xbox, our family was able to watch the first episode on TV and talk about it. My Bear thought it was cool and we talked about snakes and the shelter he built. Very cool concept. Thanks for the link!

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Although rare, boys like Alec are an exception to the general rule of thumb that eleven and twelve year-olds do not make good Patrol Leaders. It is a natural instinct for them to be leading hikes or overnights almost every weekend, living off the land as much as possible.


Yours at 300 feet,





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