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OGE, how could I have forgotten OGE! My apologies OldGreatEagle!


In our area, sports, band, and other extra curricular activities rule (over) scouting. 13-14 size seems to be the good size for our patrols. On the campout, it normalizes to 8-9 boys due to compete events. Before, when we held it to 6-7 scouts patrol, we ended up combining patrol to make one complete patrol. The patrols tend to lose their identity. Nowaday, our 9 patrols (7 permanent, 2 new scout patrols) stay intact during campouts. Btw, the scouts in the new scout patrol choose one of the 7 permanent patrols to go into after their 1st year and the 2 new scout patrols are recycled for the next group of webelos in March.


At the end of the day, OGE and Pack are correct. As long as he delivers the program, who is to fault him? If BSA wants it a particular way, then each troop should have a paid professional who will run it the way that BSA has in mind, including keeping the unit small. :)



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"Important to note that although the SM was proud of the accomplishments, he was not the counselor for all 65 MBs."


No but the SM has overall responsibility for the quality of advancement in his unit. If merit badges are being given away (not earned) then the SM needs to stop it. Maybe he can't take away the 65 MBs already earned but he can look into other camps that offer meaningful MB instruction.

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On my evaluation from our resident camp.....I gave kudos to a number of staff......I also called out a couple of councilors for give me's on merit badges, A boy said he had a turtle when he was 6 and the councilor said that was ok for the amphibian and reptile merit badge. Really?????


Basketry merit badge....don't get me started on that......


...... I spoke with the CD and PD about my concerns and they said it would be addressed.....

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