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Basement, it was a genuine compliment about your program and you can accept it as that. Clearly you have a Pack with a program that leads to successful crossover.


To your other point, it's not a "chip on my shoulder." We have a good program IMO but there are always things we can do better, which is why I'm here.


But you don't have to look to far in these forums to see experienced and respected scouters advocating that Scouting would be better off without cub scouts, using the pejorative and made-up term "Webelos III" to describe troops that don't measure up to their standards, and so on. That mirrors what happens in the real world and, yes, it's kind of tiring to hear from people who are supposed to be on the same team. We as an organization have enough problems being attacked from outside.


So yes, it is very good to hear someone who has experienced success in both programs, like yourself apparently, say that "The key to a strong troop is a strong feeder pack......"


Which is why I thankedyou for sharing that experience-based opinion. The usual response to thanks is "you're welcome," or perhaps even to offer more experience along the lines of creating a strong feeder pack, but to each his own.

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A thank you would have been in order with the lack of this line


"It's good to hear that you don't have to throw Cub Scouting out the window to have a successful Boy Scout program."


Hense my comment about chip on your shoulder.


Without strong troop leadership slowing down the Type A cub leaders scouting can become simply the scout den or tenderfoot den or the webelos 3 den.


In my opinion I got very lucky in that regard, current SM has a strong personality and very simply put isn't going to permit a new crossover parent to monkey around.....Plus we start cutting the apron strings april of the Bear year, Webelos resident camp moms and dads are discouraged from attending and we have the chat with them about coming and getting homesick boys.

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If you think no one has openly advocated that scouting would be better off without Cub Scouts, you have obviously never read any of kudu's comments. I don't have time to search them all but "fine by me" is the one that sticks in my mind.


Hence, it is good to hear a counterpoint. But, my explanations are falling on deaf ears, thanks are rebuffed, and wagons are circled. Lesson learned!

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