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SCOUT-L Server crash

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Relayed from Peter S. Wolfe of USSCOUTS.ORG who relayed it from the folks who operate Scout-L to rec.scouting.usa Usenet newsgroup (yes, there are a few of us dinosaurs who keep an eye on the original Usenet "discussion board":


"Jon Eidson, owner of Scouts-L sent this out earlier today (2/3):


> We've had a fairly major disaster at TCU's computer facility. A

> pipe burst in our building and flooded our computer room. The

> building's power is down as well as our computer room. I just spent

> the day getting our priority systems running at our backup site.

> Obviously the ListServe server is not a priority system ... thus

> Scouts-L is down. It may be several days before things are back up

> and running in our main facility."

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