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District Membership Page

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Below is the link to the District web page for the Alpine District of the Chief Seattle Council. It's probably the strongest and best organized district in the council.





I direct your attention to the "Membership" link. That's the first district membership page in the council, and there isn't a council membership page as yet, although our Vice President -Membership is working on one.


You might be interested in looking at what's there ---- and the link on updating your "BeAScout.Org" pin is something every unit across the country should do if they haven't done it yet.



If your district has a "Membership" section, I'd be glad to have you post a link so I can look at it.


I contacted my DE about putting up a Membership section on our district web page. I have a bunch of files I think would be useful for people to be able to link to when planning and promoting a recruiting night.




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It appears that you live in a neighboring District to me. I'm just to the east of you in Elensburg. The page looks good. I think I'll pass on a link to the rest of my District Committee.

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