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Unauthorized and Restricted Activities

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"Here are the things you CAN'T do. If you do them and someone gets hurt, the BSA will not stand behind you, your leaders, or your CO. The council insurance policy will not cover these activities."



Many people hypothesize that this is what the G2SS says, but it does not say that. That's not how insurance works. Can you find that statement in the G2SS?

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I think that it's not liability behind the ban, but rather, PR. I suspect it is a way to show that scouting values life as part of their values. Perhaps they thought this necessary because they have made themselves a lightning rod on other social issues.


I had always found it a bit ironic that the youth group of our chartering organization (a church that actively preached about peace) would have laser tag outings, but the troop they sponsored could not.

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