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OK all you softies out there. Time to pony up... The Scouts in my troop are really swell, keen guys and they could really use the popcorn sales. Or they would gladly accept the donations in lieu of the tooth busting kernals.


In any case (emphasis on the word "case"), let's see just how soft everyone is and send your orders in today. We can even take internet orders now.


If you order from us, those squeeky clean, mother lovin', old lady helpin', Good Turn Doers will gratefully express their thanks with the most cherubic smile you ever saw!



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Couple of weeks ago I was visiting family in a little farming town. It rained buckets every day I was there, cold, wet, soggy. One day I drove past the only restaurant in town to see that a small herd of cub scouts (all dripping wet in the rain) were attempting to hold a car wash, evidently without much success. They were looking pretty deflated.


Add me to the list of softies. I got my car "washed," in the rain, for $10. And yes, I bought a cup of lemonade too!



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