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I need help - I cannot stop thinking about stuff

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Eagle Foot,

Just pick up an application and sign up as a District at large. Then start showing up at their RT's. Soon or later, someones interest will be peeked.


SWMBO you never know from one day to the next whether Scoting is the evil competion. but ever so slowly, SHE IS BEING ASSIMULATED!!!!

The CCS Cchair is slowly drawing her in on special projects. And her best freind, who is Native, and does cultural outreach programs does a lot of her programing around Scouting. SWMBO came for a scheduled done hour meeting with her friend and one of my fellow Lodge advisors about putting on a mini-Powwow at our August OX Roast. One became three hours, and she was having just as much fun carrying on as the other three of us. Plus we dragged her along for a week in DC back in April. She whines, but she can't stop talking about how much fun it is with the boys.



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