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Katrina help please

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Again, Thank You for your efforts, Roger.

Wish your Mom Well for us!


If anyone's council uses the "participation segment" program for use with the red vests -- use the "book" segment as a thank you/recognition of particpation for a book drive.


FYI, it's not just "books" that is being overlooked with these poor kids.







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Thanks to you and your son C.


The books arrived Saturday and were delivered to the school director today.

They will be in the childrens' hands by the end of the week. Your son has done a fine thing and should feel proud of his effort.


Thank you for your help.








Some numbers you might want to know -

684 books from this forum

2300 books from fellow professors around the country

226 books purchased with donated dollars


On a less encouraging note some other numbers -

In the City of New Orleans there is one:

physician for every 3,100 people

dentist for every 5,200 people

psychiatrist for every 21,000 people

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