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I lived and Scouted in Texas for many years. I have reflected on some things that I saw there. One has to do with the weather and the housing. If you haven't noticed, it is hot about 8 or more months of the year. Developers tend to cut trees down without regard to the weather when building new housing. They also tend to have little regard to the directional alignment of new housing. What does this have to do with anything? Well, these two very simple ideas could cut utility bills, save people money and help the environment. The question is, "does anybody really care?" I doubt it until prices get so high that the Middle Class finally breaks a sweat.


The same ideas are found in Scouting in Texas and probably other areas of the nation as well. People must first change their attitude toward how they live before they change the way they live and spend their money.


There are hundreds of ways to save money but as long as a person's attitude toward life is less Good Turn and more My Turn, then all good suggestions about saving money will be Out the Window.






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Actually, BSA membership all over is good for only 1 year at a time. Everyone, everywhere, has to pay the $10 National registration each year. This is not just a Texas thing.


Also, I'm a bit unclear on how ways to cut costs pertain in any way to youth protection, but maybe I just need more coffee.


OK - Ways to help fund your Troop's Scouting program -


Ask your CO to help in some way.

Troop Dues

Troop money earning events


These are the 3 main ways that most Troops pay for their year of Scouting.


Some Troop money earning events might be -

Car wash

Pancake breakfast

Spaghetti dinner

Sell stuff -


Christmas wreaths

cookie dough

entertainment books

hot dogs


first aid kits


Donation days at area eateries (with coupon % of everyone's bill goes to Troop)

Garage sales




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