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MacGregor Smith Scout Reservation Sold

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I just learned, to my shock and surprise, that the Scout Reservation in Central Florida operated by the South Florida Council, was sold to a Florida water management agency.


From what I could learn, the sale was prompted by loss of funding from the South Florida United Way.


I was an original Senior Staff member when the Scout Camp, Camp Lone Oak, was opened in 1972. Helped to carve the thing out of the swamp and shot rattlesnakes who were upset about being kicked out of their living quarters. I thought it would be around a long, long time.


Anybody know anything about the "rest of the story" here? Anybody know where kids from South Florida Council are going to camp these days? The council has other camps, but none large enough to have summer camp.

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I was surprised by the lack of info on the Council webpage! http://www.sfcbsa.org/Camps/LoneOak.html

All it says is "Camp Lone Oak has been sold. Please visit one of our other Council Camps"


Here's an article: http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=4&q=http://www.sptimes.com/2005/06/23/Citrus/Old_Scouts_site_seeks.shtml&e=10401


There's an archeological site on the property! http://fn1.tfn.net/~cdk901/Counties/c5citr.htm


Here's the auction: http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnarcview.cgi?atkinson/20040514




That's all I can find - hope someone answers you with the 'inside' story!

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Yes, I saw the same articles you mention. I was also struck by lack of information on the council website.


The place is full of archeological sites, some probably accidentally obliterated during construction. There was a major trail made by Seminoles and later used by settlers that crossed the property to get across the Withlacoochie River there. It was a great camp. It also had a canoe base on it. I was just blown away that they sold it.

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I was also disappointed to hear that this camp closed.

I was hoping that someday my sons troop would consider doing summer camp and/or a trip out of the canoe base at this camp.

Being a northern troop, I thought this would be a great trip to go on with its proximity to Orlando and its attractions and this is one place where we can get pretty cheap airfare to that would have made this an affordable trip.


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CNYScouter: Try the Central Florida Council camp, LaNoChe. It's closer to Disney and they cater to out of council groups for that reason. They don't offer canoe treks, as far as I know, but they can direct you to some in the area.


Major Warning: It is very, very HOT at those central Florida camps. Be prepared for high humidity and high temps. Beautiful camps, though.

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Thanks for the suggestion.


I figured that these camps would be very hot as they do not offer summer camp in the last half of July and August.


How is the Adventure camp and the Adventure Attraction camps they offer year around?


Any experience with the Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation in the Gulf Ridge Council?


I tried to get the Scouts in the Troop interested in a trip to Seabase, but very few were interested in attending.


I thought a summer camp experience in Florida, with a side to Disney or Universal, may spark something so they may want to do Seabase in the future.


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CNYScouter: The main reason the camps don't offer late-summer camps is the crazy school schedule that sends most of them back by the end of July, rather than the heat. The locals are more or less used to the heat. :)


I haven't had experience with their Adventure programs, but they seem to do a good business and the camp generally is pretty well run. BTW, they have an air conditioned dining hall at LaNoChe, so that at least helps you not have to eat while you swelter. And of course they have a huge pool and a hugher lake.


I haven't been to Flaming Arrow in many years, so really can't comment much on that. I do remember it seemed much hotter than LaNoChe, probably because it is just in pine scrub land, where LaNoChe is in deep forest.


The Florida Sea Base is, hands down, the one of the great Scouting adventures. When I was in Florida, some of our troop went with a group of Scottish Venturers on two of their treks and everybody was wild about it. Hard to get a slot in there, though.


Good luck whatever you decide. If I can help don't hesitate to ask.

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I'm sorry to be so late in posting here. I've been out of state all summer.


MacGregor-Smith is situated in my county. We were apprised of the sale quite some time ago - I think about two-three years. For a year after the announcement, our local troops and packs were allowed to continue using the facilities as usual. This past year the site has been closed to us so far as I am aware. At least, our troop and pack have not used it. We did use the docking facilities for a canoe trip last spring.


I would encourage any troop interested in visiting our area to check out our state's many fine camps. Our own troop has been to most all of them. I can recommend Gulf Ridge Council's camp Flaming Arrow. My son also really enjoyed Tanakeeta and Wahlwood, as well as the aforementioned La-No-Che. Of course nothing tops the Sea Base. Most camps do have AC in the dining hall and often elsewhere. And NOBODY does aquatics like Floridians!


Canoeing on the Withlacoochee River is still a viable option here in Citrus County. (I say the county name because there are 2 rivers of the same name in this state - the other being north of here.) We also offer SCUBA and snorkeling venues, and sea kayaking besides opportunities to camp, hike, etc. How about learning Wilderness Survival in the subtropics?


So come on down, we'd love to host you!

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