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Locally, our Scouts participated in a number of Veterana' Day programs or recognitions.  One of them was at our local county government center where Scouts acted as honor guards for Vets being recognized from each of the services, including Coast Guard.  They even note the Space Force, though not sure that is ever going to be large in the short term.  For our area, we actually have Vandenburg fairly close, ust up the coast.  

Anway, at the event we had one Gold Star family recognized, and we had two WWII Vets, one 98, and one 102.  We have a photo of one of my own unit scouts shaking hands with one of them in his wheelchair.  I could not help but think of the historic photos I have on file of Scouts at the Gettysburg anniversary in 1913, and a couple others of Scouts with service members.  

My point is, this is the real face of Scouting.  That this is what we should be making a huge effort to put out there, not to brag, but to simply remind our society that this is the real face of Scouting, not sensationalize mistakes of a few sordid humans that managed to intrude on the program and harm youth.  Do A Good Turn emphasizes it is not for a reward, and that is as it should be.  But, are we missing the boat by not at least finding a way to make the public more aware of the silent benefits of the program, carried out under their noses?  Just a thought.  

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I agree with you. To me, there should be intense focus from National through the Council to the District in 1) are we fostering getting the scouts out in nature regularly? 2) are we fostering scouts learning how to be great citizens?, and 3) are fostering kids learning how to be the best leaders that they can be given their leadership style? All while having fun. 

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