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Roverway 2024 (16-22 yr olds) - Norway

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Roverway 2024 will take place in Norway.

The jamboree is divided into two parts. From 22nd July 2024, the Rovers (16-22yr olds)  will have the opportunity to explore a path with other rovers from several different countries. The participants can choose from a number of different paths around Norway. The paths will have different themes, and all will get the chance to explore Norwegian nature and culture. After five days along the various routes, everyone gathers for a joint jamboree at Lundsneset, Stavanger. A closing ceremony on 1st August 2024 will mark the end of the 11 days of Norwegian adventure, and on August 2nd everyone will travel home with memories that will last them a lifetime!

Roverway is one of the most popular guide and scout events in Europe with approximately 5000 participants and has previously been held in Finland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands.

To attend as a Participant you need to be born between August 1st, 2001 and July 22nd, 2008. If you’re too old to join as a Participant you can join our excellent IST (International Service Team),

Note: I saw a Mexican contingent listed but NOT a US or Canadian contingent.



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