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Well.....  After the Troop Committee Meeting where I was yelled at for an hour and half telling me how bad of a leader I was I did cut ties cold turkey.  The next day I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up most of the night and began to experience abdominal pain.  This lasted for the better part of the next month and I kinda developed a "screw it" attitude because I was still very angry and hurt.  Probably lost 40 - 45 pounds since December.  I went to the ER last week because I wasnt getting better.  They thought I had a small bowel obstruction.  Stayed in the hospital two days.  I am in firm belief that the stress I allowed myself to endure due to crummy adult leaders has been a big contributing factor.  I was very angry and frustrated all the time at meetings and away even at home.  And I am talking like since Covid started.  

My son has lost interest in Scouts and does not go to meetings any longer.  My daughter is 15 and her mind is on other things.  I know for a fact I will not be rechartering at the end of the year and I doubt they will either.  For me, I am going to start finding something I really want to do with MY time and concentrate on that.  Going to start having lunches with some of the adults I met in Scouts that I do enjoy being around.  

I have enjoyed and appreciate the support and help of this community!!!  I just have reached the point where Scouting has no draw or interest for me any longer.

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