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Spent last weekend camping on Treasure Island.  The small overworked underpaid staff has does a marvelous job . The museum is just incredible. But for me the highlight of the weekend was just sitting silently by myself in the ceremony ring.  A lot was hauled off to Summit but there is still something intangible there, a quiet weight of memory, so many years, so many thousands of Obligations taken there, by young trembling boys as well as grizzled old timers.   Closest thing Scouting has to Holy ground.

Just amazing.


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Going there this weekend, as our Scouts love TI!  

Glad you had a great experience.

Cradle of Liberty Council sold the Treasure Island portion (in NJ) of the property to a local businessman for $500K in 2018.  The local businessman allows the Friends of Treasure Island to coordinate FREE Scout camping on weekends outside of Memorial Day - Labor Day.



If you live within a reasonable drive, sign up for their email blast to get notifications of open campsites.  The reservations go fast, and often a year in advance...

If you are agile, there are often short notice cancellations you could take advantage of.


For those interested in the history... the Marshall Island portion (in PA) was sold for $1M to the Port of Philadelphia as an environmental credit offset to their pollution.


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