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And then there was the time....

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Scoutmaster’s Song (with apologies to Mesrs. Gilbert and Sullivan)


When A Scouter’s not engaged in his employment (his employment)

          or planning to go camping with his Troop (with his Troop)

               his capacity for innocent enjoyment  (-cent enjoyment)

Can easily be knocked off for a loop (for a loop)


Our feelings we with difficulty smother (-culty smother)

        When some  Scoutmasterly  duty’s to be done (to be done)

            Ah, take one consideration with another, (with another)

               A Scoutmaster’s lot is not a happy one.



When Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done, to be done,

A Scoutmaster’s  lot is not a happy one.


When the  helicopter parent is  not  hov’ring (is not a hov’ring)

       When the Scout is not a-cutting off their thumb  (-off their thumb)

            He loves to hear the  bug-a-ler a-bugling  (bugler bugling)

                And enjoy his tea while sitting  on his bum (on his bum)


When the  PLC has finally decided  (has decided)

       Where the Troop should hike on  weekends  yet to come (yet to come)

             Ah, take one consideration with another (with another)

                   A Scoutmaster’s  lot is  not a happy one.



When  Scoutmasterly  duty’s to be done, to be done, ,

His duty  oft is not a happy one.  (happy one). 


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