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Gastonia Boy Scout Bomber (B-24 Liberator)

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Returning to Gaston County after the war ended, the elder Quinn was active as a Boy Scout leader and worked with a now long-defunct division of Scouting known as the Air Scouts.

In 1947, when the younger Quinn was 3 years old, Gastonia businessman and community leader Allen Sims, for whom Sims Legion Field was named, purchased a B-24 likely headed for the scrap heap and donated it to the Gastonia Boy Scouts.


Maxwell B-24.jpg

The plane was to serve as a memorial to Sims' son Albert, an Army Air Force fighter pilot who was shot down over China during the war against Japan.

The plane was placed in a fenced-in area at the small airport to protect it from vandalism but the elder Quinn had a key and according to Paul, "My brother Michael and I climbed all over that airplane. That's where I got the aviation bug really bad."

The Liberator only stayed at the Gastonia Airport for a few years. At some point, date unclear, it was sold, made airworthy, and flown off to parts unknown.



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