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Camping Locations Near New Paltz, NY?

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Our Troop is considering climbing/rappelling along the Shawangunk Mountain range.  So far, the only "real" campground we've found is run by the Alpine Club, and the charge is $38 per site (for non-members), with a maximum of 4 people per site.  That would put the cost for the camping at a minimum of $190, if we have a typical turnout.  While we've paid fees like this in the past for camping, this trip would include a guided climbing lesson, which is already a fairly large expense compared to our usual campouts. 

Is anyone here familiar with that area?  Are there alternate places to camp?  The nearest council-owned camp isn't all that close (Tri-Mountain Council).  I put a call in to them anyway, and am waiting to hear back as to whether they are allowing group camping, but haven't heard back yet.

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