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Those Who Persevere . . .

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It's time to watch some tv.....   

A Scout named the spacecraft/lander/rover....   Perseverance pays off: Meet the Scout who named the next Mars rover (scoutingmagazine.org)

Another Teen named the aircraft....  Q&A with the Student Who Named Ingenuity, NASA's Mars Helicopter – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

And we can watch it all from 480,000,000 KM  away....... .   Watch Online: Mars Landing - NASA Mars   

and/or    How to watch Perseverance's Mars landing on February 18 | Space | EarthSky     and/or your local PBS station . . . . .

Nail biting par excellance...... 


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That was fun. As I was listening to the engineers it reminds me of my brother, who works at JPL. All of these people absolutely love rockets and science and engineering. Ever since my brother got his first Estes rocket in the 60's he's been working on pushing the next great design. A rocket crane that lowers a buggy onto Mars? That's autonomous? Nothing could be cooler than that. 

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Love following these guys and every turn of the screw. The “7 minutes” is interesting, but I’ve been geeking out for decades over the planetary science and the engineering white papers while finding the PR stunts to be a cute sideshow.
So, let’s sweeten the discussion ...

The NASA pitch includes getting people to Mars within the next few decades. But what if, instead of a few manned missions, we send hundreds (as opposed to a few dozen) robots? Once delivered, each one could be managed by a group of 6-8 youth for a couple of months. Those youth would learn to drive the thing, be assigned experiments, scout around, observe and report.

And not just Mars, we could put patrols, virtually, on every planet, moon, asteroid, comet, and other rocks orbiting Sol.

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