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Churchill Plan Proposed New Territory Structure and Council Standards

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(My apologies to readers for the cross-post.)

None of these are changes that will refocus councils and the communities in them toward better scouting. The first flaw of modern councils is that they are identified as an administrative unit of BSA, not an integral part of any community within their bounds. To correct this, a roll back is needed:

  • the council shoulder patch should be a red strip with white lettering.
  • the council name should be that of the largest city in its area. 

Laurel Highlands would be renamed Pittsburgh council. If folks in Davis, WV are bothered about being in Pittsburgh council, they can mobilize their community and form a self-sustaining council.

I made a similar proposal here in the Establish minimum standards thread. There, I allowed that patches with flags/coats of arms could go accompany the council strip. Not sure if that adds clutter. But, the point is that councils need to be anchored to communities to flourish.

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On 11/10/2020 at 7:45 PM, CynicalScouter said:

Posted to reddit just now.

This is just. Wow.

BSA Council Basic Standards

•Adhere to brand standards

•Adhere to rules, regulations, and policies of BSA

•Current on national fees

•Council governed by volunteers

•Provide programs consistent with BSA Guidelines

Council Performance Standards Charter

The council performance standards committee identified and recommended following items to measure:

•Youth Safety –98% Youth Protection Training

•Youth Market Share –2%

•Youth Retention –62%

•Financial Sustainability –minimum of three months of cash liquidity for operations

•Youth Ethnic and Gender Diversity –10% of membership is female; membership reflects community’s youth of color percentage

Leading Indicators of Successful Councils


•Net camping operation surplus (inclusive of direct and indirect costs, and depreciation)

•Growth in endowment fund and appropriate earnings distribution


•Multi-year plan based on data and year over year growth

•Youth in market share, strong volunteer engagement, emphasizes and identifies youth markets with growth potential (ethnic, gender, socio-economic, religious, various communities, etc)

Unit Service

•Effective commissioner team serving every unit

•Continually knows health of every unit

Board Governance

•Diverse board (gender, ethnicity, age, professional experience, Scouting & non-Scouting, backgrounds, tenure, etc)

•Clear understanding of status on all performance standards

•Understands the council’s strategic priorities

Strategic Plan

•Developed as team (staff & volunteers)

•Rolling 3 years

•Living document that drives annual priorities and budget

•Guides executive board and staff agendas



BSA_Churchill_Plan-Proposed_New_Territory_Structure_and_Council_Standards_presentation_10.6.20.pdf 2.9 MB · 2 downloads

Again - the priorities continue to be way off base.  Clueless being led by more clueless and being led by consultants with stock powerpoints so it seems they did something.

Under BSA Council Basic Standards - they put the only mention of  anything related to PROGRAM at the bottom.  That is insane.  THAT IS NUMBER ONE..PROGRAM DRIVES EVERTYTHING!!

Under Council Performance Standards Charter they put RENTENTION way down the list.  That is an indicator of (wait for it) PROGRAM...THAT NEEDS to be BE NUMBER ONE!!

Under Leading Indicators of Successful Councils they do not even mention PROGRAM!!

Painfully obvious the vaunted Churchill group does not understand how PROGRAM is what drives SUCCESS!!


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