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10 hours ago, BryanInOakland said:

The other thing was reviewing their work with them. why was it taking them 2+ hours to get up, get breakfast, pack and leave?  Once they realized if they could pack up in an hour, they could sleep longer! They started dividing up tasks and really getting efficient with their time.  It was great to see. 

So let the boys prioritize what activities they want to do. If the boys at summer camp want to skip the campfire and stay in camp playing cards, the SPL should go with the group's decision.  

We had a similar situation with the schedule, only opposite. The scouts wanted to spend extra time at the fishing camp, but that would put us in our campsite late. So, they set the alarm at 4:00 in the morning to get us on the trail by 4:30 am to get to Fish camp by 7:00am. AND THEY DID IT. It wasn't easy getting up that early and we were even hiking in the dark for awhile, but we adults were impressed that they looked a head and made the plan. They actually did something similar for two other days. So, I didn't get much beauty sleep.:blink:


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