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Scout Kayak / Paddle Board trip

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44 minutes ago, mashmaster said:

Well every unit in my council goes by the national form so all checks are done by lifeguards or similarly qualified individuals. Having take SSD and SA multiple times online, it scares me to think that would be the minimum for evaluating swimming abilities.

That's because most units go to summer camp, and need in order to have a swim test qualify for camp IF THE AQUATICS DIRECTOR APPROVES (camps for emphasis) ADs can reject the form if they desire.

But a unit can perform a swim test for their own unit activities.Hence the BSA's Aquatics Supervision book which is the reference for the Guide to Safe Scouting policies.

As for having SSD and SA as the bare minimum, that is one reason why their is a push for the Aquatics Supervision courses to become the new minimum. 


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@Mikey52971, welcome to the forums!

I agree with @Eagle94-A1. And for one simple reason:

Stupid happens fast.

Scouts qualify to take out boats by themselves. If they can swim 100 yards, or float without panic, death can be forestalled. One wrong guess about a scout's current ability, and you'll carry a lifetime of regret.

It's really worth your while to get parents up to speed with safety afloat, and truly great if you can bring a lifeguard and swim-test on site.

Contact your district commissioner, they are bound to know of qualified folks in your district. Your community Red Cross or YMCA may also be able to help.

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