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  1. Thank you Eagle94-A1 So now my question is, we have new scouts that just crossed over and due to covid, we haven't gone to summer camp, so where would adults and scouts be classified as swimmers? I was thinking that this is a place where the scouts could go with their parents and wouldn't need to be classified. and since all scouters would be with their parent, that it wouldn't be needed. now im not sure what to do if they must be. any ideas on how scouts and parent would get classified?
  2. We are planning a trip with the scouts / Families for a kayak / paddle board trip. 2 hours on a lake. the questions is, does each scout need to be a classified swimmer if we are going to a professional run site and will have a certified Guide? It is not a BSA site but the troop is organizing the trip for the scouts so i think that makes it a BSA event.
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