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Patrol Method Started!

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Also was fun explaining to a first year why sweat bees were very pleased with their kitchen area. After a meal of watermelon, brownies, pink lemon aide, and chili made with baked beans (they seemed to love it) was left out after supper. Course the scouts didn't clean up right away, and all ran off to do something way over there. So when this one scout and his buddy came back to get a drink, they find all these bees loving their kitchen and dining area. Minor freak out ensues. 

Why doesn't the adult kitchen and eating area have bees? Because they like sweet things and we're all bitter and sour. That or we cleaned everything up right after supper. 

Also fun, scout needs X and can't find it in the trailer. Okay, I'll go to the trailer. Stand outside the trailer while I go inside to get it. No, don't come in with me. Stand out here. ... Why are you in here with me? I need you to go stand outside the trailer please. Ah, SM. thank goodness you're here. I needed another adult to assist. LOL

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