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Youth with Mentors --- Wisdom across Generations

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Adult association is one of the 8 methods of scouting.  Turns out there's a lot of support for that method, and an interesting tangent is how older, wiser adults can form associations with youth to share thoughts, ideas, and wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of experience.  In our troop, many of the parents are fairly young (in their 30s), but we do have a couple of grandparents who are very involved in their grandchildrens' lives and who participate in troop activities.  Perhaps that's something that should be encouraged even more...

The New York Times ran an interesting story about this kind of inter-generational wisdom and the benefits of mentoring, both on the youth and on the older adult.  Here's the story:


What do you think?  Do you see value in mentoring?  Thoughts??



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