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How many of you Scouts have a "Boss" ?   Somebody who tells you what to do, when to do it, how to do it ?  

It starts just after you are born....  "BREATH ! NOW ! (whap !)  "  

Your parents are your first bosses. Get dressed warm, put your shoes on the right and left foot.  Do your homework, NOW.... did you take out the trash like I asked ?   Make your bed.... 

Then you get your school teachers...   Sit up, THERE... put your clay away  so it will be there tomorrow...   Line up for lunch time,  hand in your essay.  What book did you pick ? Choose a topic... wear the safety goggles...

Maybe your church or temple faith leader?  Turn to page … and read this...   kneel now, bow now,  raise our hands.... memorize....

Then you get a job, and get paid real money for following the boss's instructions....  

AND THEN... maybe, just maybe, YOU get to be a Boss ! 

When am I EVER going to be able to do what I WANT to do?

Yeah. lots of bosses, huh?   Here's the deal:   YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE BOSSES  !   A really  good boss does three things:   He (or she !) knows what needs to be done to accomplish a job.   If it's going to take more than one person to accomplish that job, the Boss gets to tell the others what needs to be done.  Then, the good Boss not only tells folks WHAT to do, but HELPS the people to accomplish their part of the job:  with tools, instruction, advice,  space, time.... 

Sound familiar?   

You will ALWAYS have three Bosses in your life, no matter what.  :  Yourself,   someone else,   and God.     

Yourself:   Yes, you can decide what to do, how to do it and with what. That makes you the  Boss of yourself !

Someone else:   Your spouse, your Scout Master, your Patrol Leader,  the teacher,  your Boss at the job (paycheck time!) , the Pastor or Imam or Rabbi, the policeman, your staff sergeant..... SOMEBODY ELSE will know what needs to be done and will need YOU to do it, nobody else. You.

And the Ultimate Boss.   God.   We might call it your Conscience?  That Still, Small Voice ?   You can read thru your scripture, listen to famous and not so famous faith leaders, but eventually, you have to listen to that nagging reminder in the back of your mind of What Needs To Be Done and How it needs to get done.  The Boss.

You can fight it, or you can make it easy....  ""Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.""

See you on the trail. 

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