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College of Commissioner Science

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I think its a good way to provide structure for ongoing raining and development for commissioners. But I've been in very different councils. One dropped the whole "college" and degrees language, as they found it a little too pretentious. Another only held one every couple years. The pandemic has done some good, at least, in encouraging more online colleges. Makes it easier to get some needed classes in. 

As for the 'doctorate', there is a wide variety of quality I have seen. Some are basically like woodbadge tickets. Others are serious research papers that would be worthy of a university term paper or a published journal article. 

My approach has been that I identified a pet project that required research, advocacy, and action. One that I'd want to champion anyway, and found a way to make it fit into the model for a college of commissioner science thesis/project. That's helped focus a little. And it's a good way to review the last few years of commissioner service and scouting activity and see what I've contributed. 

I am surprised there is no national database of theses. And only about a half dozen councils I have found seem to have lists online. It would be nice to have once central location so nobody reinvents the wheel, and can rely on the other work already out there, otherwise, why go to all the effort? 

As a real-life college professor, I have found some commissioner thesis that would be on par with a university term paper or capstone project, and others that are little more than collections of already existing resources and a short reflective essay on how this could work in the author's unit, district, or council. Certainly, nobody should be going around adding "PhD" to their name because they finish this. You get a nice little knot instead. 

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7 hours ago, Protoclete said:

Makes it easier to get some needed classes in. 

I went gangbusters last year and attended 1 in person and 2 or 3 virtually. I have all of my coursework done. Now I have to staff, write my thesis, and wait 3.5 years. I decided to hold off staffing the requirements may change in 3.5 years. 🙂 

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On 2/6/2023 at 12:48 PM, Protoclete said:

In fact, if anyone has a council (or other) list of theses/projects could you add it here?
These are the ones I have found:

Atlanta Area Council

Chicksaw Council

Dan Beard Council

Mid America Council

Middle Tennessee Council

NorCal College of Commissioner Science



Also found a pdf of the Piedmont-Appalachian College of Commissioner Science. 

Palmetto list of theses.pdf

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