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Our Future is Still Bright...If We Allow It to Be

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Our Future's So Bright...

I study camping and hiking,

And all my Wood Badge  classes,

I got a crazy Scoutmaster, he wears dark glasses.

 Patrols are doing GREAT, and they’re going Back to Gilwell .         .

Scout future’s so BRIGHT, I gotta wear shades….

I gotta wear shades.


I gotta work my tickets,  beads and thong are waitin’.

Benefit the Scouts, they're not a lot of louts.

Tickets going great, and they’re only getting better.

Antelopes and Bears,  Owls , my friends  are made.

The future’s so bright,  I gotta wear shades.

I gotta wear shades…


With Scouting we are blessed, our kids can realize

They gain by going camping, making Dutch Oven Pies.

Our Packs are doing GREAT, and the Troops are getting better.

Our Scouts are sharpening right, Totin’ Chip blades,

The future’s so bright, we better wear shades,  

We better wear shades…..

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