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A real movie about the Pinewood Derby

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I don't think BSA owns the rights to "Pinewood Derby", so there probably will not be a lawsuit. Also, there is a lot of Scouting stuff in the movie - it is Cub Scouts, with uniforms, Packs et cetera. The producers must have cleared it with BSA.


The Scouts appear to be mostly in correct Cub Scout uniform in the trailer, but from the wrong era. What's with the 1960's "beanies" on the Cub Scouts in the Derby crowd shots? (Is there a comeback in the works? It would be cheaper than than the current four baseball cap/neckerchief scheme - four because Tigers go to blue uniforms with orange neckerchief this year). Also, the uniform pants have yellow piping, and most of the Cubs wear yellow neckerchiefs, save the Webelos, who have the plaid.

It was a short trailer.....(This message has been edited by Marty_Doyle)

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Now, how many cub scouts, boy scouts, and fathers (and mothers) do we have in the States that would cherish seeing this movie? I would say that chances are fairly good that this movie would do well for a small budget movie! I can name 150 families already!



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