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Scouts Rescue Motorcyclist

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Transporting  their 11 scouts, Santa Rosa Troop 125  Scoutmaster Shawn Hanna and Assistant Scoutmaster Miguel Uribarri had just left Camp Whitsett in the southern Sierra Nevada. They were navigating a curvy, two-lane road when one of two motorcycles just ahead failed to make a left-hand bend.


The bike dropped and flipped as the rider rolled. alongside the road.


After witnessing the accident, Hanna and Uribarri stopped and rushed to examine the fallen rider and assess his injuries. Hanna is an emergency medical technician and Uribarri is a Coast Guardsman who was also an EMT and still is a first responder.


The scouts, ages 10 to 17, pitched in, applying bandages, speaking to the man to keep him from going into shock, helping to place a neck brace, tying on an arm sling and directing traffic.


An ambulance delivered the motorcyclist to a hospital for treatment of a fractured hip and clavicle, a dislocated shoulder and nine broken ribs.


The scouts in Troop 125 study first-aid, but, said Scoutmaster Hanna, “This was the real deal ... The whole troop went into action and helped.â€


Uribarri said the scouts “were able to put everything they knew into practice, and they executed it perfectly.â€


Check out the photo, likely taken before they departed Camp  Whitsett. Now that is a group of Scouts.



Scout Salute, well done.

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