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National Leadership Seminar

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I just got back from an awesome weekend where I attended the Northeast Region National Leadership Seminar.


Having been through Woodbadge, the concepts aren't new, but the approach is different.  For example, stages of team development are just stages of development.  As OA advisers, sure, our chapters, lodges, and committees are teams, but our leaders are often just one chief, or committee chair.  My number one take away was learning how our youth leadership are taught these things at NLS.  I think it will help me be a much better adviser.


I guess the biggest trouble with NLS is, that space is so limited and there isn't a great way to get around that, and so few of our leaders can attend, but I'm glad to see the ones that do come back and use what they've learned in their lodges and sections, and put on their own leadership development trainings. 



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