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A true "day" camp?

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My old council started holding several themed "Twilight" camps from 5:30-8:00 each evening. Shooting sports, STEM, fishing etc. I attended the STEM camp a couple of years ago and it seemed to have good attendance.


My crossover is not that thrilled with BS camping right now. He prefers Cub Camping where the adults did everthing. A topic for another post.


This is what we always did as well, twilight camp. 5:30 - 8:30 Monday through Friday. It was always a big success but this year we are forgoing one, due to everyone expecting only 12-3 of us to pull the whole thing together for our district camp for over 100 scouts (we did that for the past few years and it about killed us.) Instead, I'm sending my son to a 5 day 4H camp that does lots of what we have done at our last few cub scout camps. It costs more but was worth it to save my sanity at this point.


I will say, if we had the option to do a week of camp versus 5 Saturdays, I'd pick the week of camp. Weekends are always so busy for us (as well as many others), during school and especially during summer vacation. I think that would be harder to get everyone to show up to that.

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