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Hello all! 


Our Blue and Gold is Monday and I have been putting off finding a Cubmaster's minute. Ill be honest, I just forgot. Now I have to find a good one fast. My husband was the cubmaster last year and he did a great one where you have water that changes color and you pour it on dry ice. Ive got a lot to live up to! So if you have some ideas of good ones that have worked for you in the past, can you pass them along?


Thanks so much!

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How about something with rope?


There is a magic trick called the Popcorn Knot where you tie a knot in a rope and then when you pull the rope, the knot pops off to the floor.  You could talk about scouting being the knot that ties things together.  Starting in tigers it bring parents and their kids together, as the kids in a den move through Cub Scouts the become friends and work together.  The diffferent dens come together as a pack.  As you talk about this you tie the knot.  You have two boys hold each end of the rope.  Tell the audience that there is a magic in Cub Scouts because the knot that ties us together becomes so tight, you can hardly tell that the ropes were ever seperate.  Have the boys pull on the rope on the count of three and the knot flys off leaving a single rope.


If you are interested, I send me a private message and I'll type up the handling.


The Popcorn Knot is published in Karl Fulves' book, Self Working Rope Magic.  A great book for a Cubmaster or Scoutmaster to have.  Actually, the Cub Scout Magic Book is really a lot of fun. http://www.scoutstuff.org/cub-scout-magic.html#.VtIJu8dBaT8

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