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Mobile Area Council trying to sell 1/3 of Camp Maubila

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The organization is selling two parcels Scouts executive Michael Hartigan said are located on the outskirts of the improved campgrounds, so the sale will not affect traditional scouting activities.  :mad:  Hartigan said families near the camp’s boundaries approached the council about purchasing the land for a yet-to-be-disclosed amount.


“It is important to note we are not selling our Boy Scout camp,†Hartigan noted. “There are acres that we own which have not been used by the Scouts for decades and we have no plans to use those acres, and that’s why we are selling those acres. Our main camp that we use will be 450 acres and we use less than 200 of those acres for campsites, program areas and food service.†:(


“Our program is still very strong,†Hartigan said. “Things are just changing for us on the fundraising front. Corporate dollars are a challenge for us because they just don’t seem to be giving as much as they used to, and that has hurt us.â€


But Gary Finch, an Eagle Scout and host of a regional outdoor TV show, is worried if the council’s financial difficulties don’t change it might fold or be absorbed by another council on the Gulf Coast. Finch said he has personally raised approximately $250,000 for the organization by promoting scouting on television for 28 years, hosting fundraisers and making personal and business donations.


“The people who raise money, who volunteer their time to lead troops, the kids out selling popcorn have never stopped working,†Finch said. “I’m for the council and I’m for the Scouts. I want the council to succeed because without it we may not have Scouts. I am for keeping the council and our Scouts program healthy. We need to really examine where the money has gone and how we ended up in this situation.†:)


Finch said his goal is to help save the council by advocating for improved financial practices. :D


Eagle Scout and troop leader Taylor Wilkins said his son joined the Tiger Cubs two years ago and was directed to raise funds by selling popcorn.


“I look at decisions that have been made and I question where this kind of debt load has come from,†Wilkins said. “I’ve been wondering for a few years where all the money went. When they asked us to sell this popcorn, I wondered if they are just trying to use us to make up the financial difference.†:rolleyes:


Hartigan said over the last few years the Mobile Area Council has made staffing and budget cuts to try to stem the tide of losses. In 2013, the most recent available figures showed the council paid $570,924 in salaries and benefits, including $116,098 to Hartigan. It represents a reduction from previous years, when the council paid $661,538 in salaries and benefits in 2012 and $728,534 in 2011.  :blink:


“Winds in the east, mist coming in.

Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin.

Can’t put me finger on what lies in store,

But I fear what’s to happen all happened before.â€


Mary Poppins



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