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confusing policies two women leaders taking boys on overnight trip

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qwazse - I'll end the conversation at this post. I did not mean to make you irate.


Oh, not irate. Just jawin' on the other half of the shoe. It is possible to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, work hard to build the cardre of adults so you'll never come up short, everybody doing what they can to hold accountable, etc ... I suspect that's what the OP is trying to do. Get a bead on the G2SS wording and explain to her parents that they need some men to step up.


But, it ain't hurting anyone to know that a stipulation can amount to nonsense. And "compliance" might not get you the YP someone thinks it will. It might work against you. That's where nose-to-the-grindstone good judgement needs to be applied. IMK and her committee thinks she's used it. You disagree. Folks in internet-land may fall somewhere in between. It's a good idea to hash out why they do.


Here's where we agree: If any unit leaders are in this kind of bind with routinely finding appropriate two-deep, for whatever reason, I definitely think they need to get in touch with their DE or even SE and build a better action plan than going off with some provincial interpretation of the G2SS.

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I sincerely hope you don't believe that. Because out there is some predator who is memorizing the rules and hoping for that special unit that will be blindly consistent with them.


Please explain how being blindly consistent to the letter of the rules is going to help a predator?


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