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Friends of is actually the term for "group of citizens". It is second best option and not really less work. (I was part of a "Friend of" pack.) They are being discouraged in some councils.


First best option is to find an organization that believes sponsoring a BSA troop is something they would like to do for the boys in your community. American Legion, churches, etc are good options. A sponsoring organization has a responsibility to provide some resources to the troop. Since you already have experienced adult leadership, scouts, and an vision of the type of troop you would like to have, you would be attractive to an organization. A DE is supposed to be out there encouraging organizations to consider being a unit sponsor. This is why you received advice above to contact your DE.


If you can't find a sponsoring organization after some work, then you can become a "Friends of" troop if your council allows. Your DE can help you with that, but it is not less work.



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Been there, done that. Nothing you can do. Look for another troop, or in my case, start one. :) I found out along the way there are very vocal parents that really don't want boy-led, mature, confident sons in their household. They will have the leadership removed even if they are a very small minority. Just look at it as either they go or you do. Them helping you out the door is not all that bad. The incentive to move on to bigger and better sometimes needs a little push.



Agree some parents say they want leadership but really want easily managed and dependant children. "shake its dust from your feet as you leave. "
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This was headed by one of the parents who swears in front of the boys' date=' often smells of alcohol at functions, belittles the majority of boys and parents in attendance, and openly opposes diversity. This parent is a registered adult./QUOTE']


Sheesh. What a nightmare. I'd have a talk with the IH about the issue. This parent is undermining the entire Troop and the youth effort of the Chartered Org. Forget about Scouting values for a moment - is swearing, drinking, and belittling part of the values the church teach to their youth? Probably not. The drinking issue? I've got a problem with that - remember leaders all serve as roll models. This parent does not sound like a great role model. Further, what happens if/when he does something stupid? The church is going to have huge exposure from a liability perspective. What happens if somebody gets hurt when you've got this drunk leader running around? Heads will roll and deep pockets (the Church) will be be a target.


If you think it worth saving, I'd go have a straight talk with the IH. If he's receptive and is willing to lay down the law, great. Everybody is happy. If he won't do this, it's time to shop around.

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