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  1. How does one go about forming a "Group of Citizens?" Incorporate similar to a Homeowners Association?
  2. How does one go about forming a "Group of Citizens?"
  3. Thank you for your responses. The minister at the methodist church has been contacted by a number of the parents. They are trying to get the charter released so we can go elsewhere. The COR is signed up at the IH. He is just a member of the parish, not the minister. The pros are supporting the SM and TCC starting a new unit elsewhere and it sounds like over half the scouts and parents want to move with the SM and TCC. The work of the SM/TCC changing the unit enabled the scouts to earn JTE-Gold for 2013 for the first time in about ten years. Just so sad for the boys involved in all this.
  4. Recently, our Troop went through major changes. This included a few parents very upset and leaving because they did not like the direction the current leadership was going (boy-run Troop instead of adult-run Troop). After spending all the time getting scouts "trained" and learning their positions, along with manuals on how to do these jobs in our Troop along with creating Troop By-Laws, one patrol decided to leave. This was headed by one of the parents who swears in front of the boys, often smells of alcohol at functions, belittles the majority of boys and parents in attendance, and openly
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