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What to do about aol requirements- ceremony next week!

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I met the oldest boy just before pack meeting tonight. I handed him the rope and asked for a square knot. He was rather flustered. His mom came over and showed him. Gotta love it. He earned his aol, though and so did my son, and the younger boy.


I looked into the traditional troop in town. Their oldest boys are 11. I will ask around to see if there are any other tradition troops in town.

I feel sorry for the scout. Now, he'll have to learn from someone else that "squeaking by" really limits your options in life. Sooner or later, real ability and true resourcefulness matters. Sometimes, not earning something is the best favor a parent can do.


Regarding your troop search, it is really hard to judge just by their age. A bunch of 11 year olds who are planning the year on their own is as good as a cluster of older boys who sit on their hands waiting for adults to tell them what's going on. If the SMs/ASMs have some outdoor experience and are just trying to get something new started, it might be the right place for a bunch of young boys to grow up together.


A visit may tell you a little more. There is absolutely no harm in finding out the meeting nights of every troop and sitting in on meetings or joining up with activities, then you and dad talking to your son about what he liked (or didn't like). It might be the foundation for more important conversations later!

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