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Den Numbers - do your scouts keep the same den number as they advance?

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28 Tigers! Yowza! That's 56 folks at every Tiger meeting! That's not a den meeting, that is a convention!


Seriously, requiring Cubs (or the Cub's parents) to purchase new den numbers every year, not to mention the hassle of tearing off the old, and sewing on the new, is just plain silly. Also, if you get a family that uses the fabric glue instead of sewing, you could be talking about buying a new shirt every year.


Our dens keep their number until they finish Webelos (or change to a Webelos den emblem). Then the "old" Webelos den number becomes the "new" Tiger den number. If we need to split a den, the new den becomes den 6, 7, etc.

We used den flags. They work great at Day Camp or Cub O'rees; all you have to do is wave the flag and the boys (their parents) know where to show up.
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Our dens keep the same number until they merge or graduate out of Cub Scouts. Last week at the recruitment meeting I listed the available den numbers between 1 and 10 to our two new tiger leaders, so now we have a Tiger Den 5 and a Tiger Den 10. Only Den 8 and Den 9 are available now before we have to go to 11 and above :)

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