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Rumsfeld Receives Scouting's Highest Commendation

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"O'neill claims that Bush and Co. wanted to implicate Iraq as the force behind 9-11 which is false. Faux News even reported it,"


Source it, link it and paste it. O'Neill's claims were that Bush was fixated on Iraq as soon as he got in office. When called on it, he admitted the plans were there from the Clinton administration. Show me where O'Neill claims what you stated above.

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So Mr. BrentAllen, how does one define the "Hate Bush crowd"? Is it anyone that shines a critical light on the administration? Is it limited to the media, or do you define the career intelligence analysts, government officials and military officers as part of the crowd when they point out that there is something rotten in Denmark. I guess it would be pretty tough for you to get any kind of objective view if all sources are required to lionize the president or be considered part of the "Hate Bush crowd".


I am sure that anything that isn't Rush or Faux is not reliable enough for you, even if it is the original memos, reports or tesimony.

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Brent what we have here is an impass. You won't believe the Bush Admin has done anything wrong even if a photo of them holding a smoking gun was produced. No matter what is produced you are part of the Bush rah-rah crowd. Not that it matters what you hold to be true. History eventually will show just how bad the Presidency of George W. Bush has been. And I voted for the guy the first in 2000.


I have heard interviews of O'Neill where he said during meetings that Bush, etal were fanatical about implicating Hussein and Iraq. I could produce this if I wanted to go to the trouble. However, you're the one needing the info, you check it out. I would say that you need to do some studying on your own. Whether you believe me or not is of little consequence. If you want to continue on believing the pablum fed by the shrills, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Colter that is your problem and your cross to bear.


You need to remember that Trustworthiness is one of the 12 points of the Scout Law and should be a guiding principle for all. Especially a former Eagle Scout like Rumsfeld. Lies are the accomplice of all other crimes.


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We don't have an impass. We have a COMPLETE FAILURE on your part to make your argument. "I have heard..." GIVE ME A BREAK!!! When you make claims, YOU HAVE TO BACK THEM UP!! It is not my responsibility to spend time looking for something that doesn't exist!!! Debating 101 - YOU JUST LOST! Maybe you can get someone to help pull you out of this hole you just fell in.


As for calling Rumsfeld a liar, you and firstpusk both claim Rumsfeld said he knew where the weapons were. Did you ever read the full transcript of the interview? Do you even know who was conducting the interview?? It was Stephanopoulos, on ABC. I guess you forgot, or just chose to ignore where Rumsfeld said:

"I would also add, we saw from the air that there were dozens of trucks that went into that facility after the existence of it became public in the press and they moved things out. They dispersed them and took them away. So there may be nothing left. I don't know that. But it's way too soon to know. The exploitation is just starting."


He is speaking about intelligence reports, aerial surveillance that showed the trucks moving. Did he make that up, and lie about it? Your left wing blogs won't mention the rest of the interview - they will pick one line out of context, and scream it forever.


What about the yellowcake? Have either of you read the intelligence reports? No! Do your homework for a change! Go read the reports CIA analysts were reviewing. You think Bush just made this up?

Unlike Bobanun, I will document my claims.


Go read the report from the Senate Select Committe on Intelligence, Section II, Niger.



Remember Joseph Wilson telling everyone his trip proved there was no attempt by Iraq to buy yellowcake? Here is one of the report's conclusions:

Conclusion 13. The report on the former ambassador's trip to Niger, disseminated in March, 2002, did not change any analysts' assessments of the Iraq-Niger uranium deal. For most analysts, the information in the report lent more credibility to the original CIA reports on the uranium deal.


Conclusion 21. When coordinating the State of the Union, no CIA analysts or officials told the National Security Council to remove the "16 words" or that there were concerns about the credibility of the Iraq-Niger uranium reporting. A CIA offical's testimony to the Committee that he told an NSC official to remove the words "Niger" and "500 tons" from the speech, is incorrect.


I guess you two will read all that and still come up with "Bush lied!" How pathetic! It was an intelligence failure - plain and simple. But that doesn't fit with your politics, so you can't accept it.


Finally, I guess you believe Bush cherry-picked and skewed the intelligence the British and Russian intelligence agencies were getting, since they came to the same conclusions the CIA did. Bush must be one very powerful man! He now controls foreign intelligence agencies! Do you know how ridiculous your arguments are??


Name the issue, I will rip it apart with FACT (documented) and put another notch in my keyboard for exposing your fiction. Two notches added tonight.


firstpusk, it would have been a whole lot easier for you just to answer "no."



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Take 5 people. It really is not becoming of Scouters to publicly express your anger at each other. The tolerance threshold is somewhat higher in the Issues and Politics forums, but were still Scouts and Scouters and we ought to think a little before poking a stick in the eye of a fellow forum member. Consider the discussion closed as of now.



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