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Being prepared, for national announcement

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Like some, I have some concerns about the possible change in policy. The New Orleans troop in the 1970s that was started by homosexuals with the express purpose to molesting youth keeps popping up in my mind.


I always wondered why my mom bugged the heck out of me after every camp out, and the occasional meeting, about possible molestation. It was only when I was in college and doing a report on sexual abuse did I find out about the unit mentioned above. When talking to my mom, she said it was one reason why she didn't push my brothers to find a new troop once they moved. And it was the reason she pestered me.


I have already had one parent state that their husband will be going on every camp out the Cub goes on one he becomes a Scout. And I know a few folks who do not know what they will do: stay or quit.

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I must echo what several are doing.

First: I am waiting on National.

Second: After National's decision I will be going to my CO's next

meeting to see what they have to say on the Subject.

Third: We will have a Committee meeting to discuss all that is

learned and come up with a decision, if any, to give to the



We have already had one leave no matter the decision. We have had several say they will leave depending on the decision. We have had some say they do not care as long as we do not change what we do. I could go on, but you get the idea. I do not necessarily see this as a good thing, but I understand where BSA is coming from.


The only thing I have been able to tell these people is this,

If you are leaving just because of this, then are you pulling your boys from any other extracurricular activities. All public sports are non discriminatory are they not?


The line that is crossed for me to say that I am leaving no matter, is when they try to force me to accept the immorality of others. For some, this "simple" decision by BSA is it.

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I understand why people are upset about this as an idea. I don't understand why people think that anything in their unit is going to need to change, or be decided, or occur at all.


I'm guessing that the majority of the people on this board have sons of scouting age. When was the last time anyone met the parent of a son your age who was gay? There are actually very very very few of them. When was the last time that anyone here even had a conversation in a social setting with someone you knew to be gay? What makes you believe that you will, in anything like the predictable near future, have someone who is openly gay actually apply to be a member of your unit?


Scouting is going to remain overwhelmingly white, middle class, and heterosexual for a long time to come. Everyone at summer camp this year will look just like you --- just like they did last year and the year before.



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Yah, I reckon this is goin' to play differently in different communities. Da communities like MattR's are goin' to be the ones worst hit, eh? They have a divided community, and now the decision is up to that divided community. People are goin' to take sides.


I think you are correct, yeh aren't goin' to change any parent's opinion. Yeh can, however, trade on whatever good will or respect you have earned with them, up to a point. Folks continue to trust those they know and have experience with, eh? So long as you respect their views.


Yeh definitely do NOT what to find out where everyone stands on the issue, conduct a poll, or have a whole-group discussion. That way lies dragons that will eat you and quite a few of da kids alive. This is where yeh want da Chartered Organization to do its duty. Failin' that, yeh want a small group of universally respected, wise folks to come up with a nuanced policy goin' forward that is then endorsed by da Chartered Organization.


Failin' that, I think yeh punt. Whatever da decision in Irving, yeh say "We have always run the troop locally as we thought best, and in the best interest of all the scouts. This will not affect our operations at all at this time. If in da future the matter comes up, we will address each case on an individual basis with integrity and compassion, so that we can continue to provide the best experience we can for our boys." Or somethin' like that. ;)






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I don't think I'm over analyzing this. My methods usually work; ask a lot questions and listen. I do appreciate everyone's comments.


My plan is starting to gel, even though it will likely change. It is going to be a slow process. I'll start by talking to the CC as the two of us really are the wise men. I'm fairly sure we agree and it is nuanced. Next, we should ask those that do the most work in the troop. They're the ones that have the boys interest in mind and believe the most about what scouting is about. If we get some consensus then great. If I'm in the minority then I have my exit plan. If I'm still around then we'll talk to the CO. I don't want to leave it up to the CO as they don't understand scouting. Certainly they'll have the final say but this is a time to be proactive. We'll iterate and adapt. What we won't do is have a big meeting, but parents can certainly talk to me or the CC one on one.


I think we do need a goal of having answers to basic questions. We're the largest troop in the council and people will ask. The CO will ask. While I like the idea of saying we'll figure it out when it happens, and we will say that when people start asking about odd cases, that just isn't going to go well for general questions. The CO won't go for that.


Another issue that I didn't mention before is tradeoffs. A few people said don't rip everything apart over rare or non existent situations. Good point. On the other hand, National has put us in the position of having to decide an admittedly major hot button issue with no help whatsoever. I guess that just means this whole thing is an opportunity to model leadership for the scouts.


And now, I need to finish packing for our winter campout. Needed in more ways than one.

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1) Development a statement. Make it brief. Make it general. Don't put a bunch of "what-ifs" or "if-thens" in it.

2) Ask your COR to approve the statement or offer their own version.

3) "Publish" the statement, either on a website or in a "troop manual".

4) Follow the statement.

5) Be prepared to adjust the statement in the future, or allow others to adjust the statement in consent with the CO.

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Wow, some folks think wayyyyyy too much. I don't have to ask the CO, It's going to be case by case basis. If I suspect a problem, I'll discuss it then.



1) Do you know if you already have gay boys in your unit?

2) How many gay boys do you know?

3) How many gay men or women do you know?

4How many gay boys ar girls do your boys know.

5) A single male comes to the troop that doesn't have a child and wants to become a leader....wouldn't the red flag go up?

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