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A Short Meaningful Hike

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A local Eagle candidate recently completed a very creative project. It is a "Labirynth" behind his home church. He had help from many Scouts and folks from his church. Only took one long weekend.

The pastor expressed gratitude and real pleasure in it's completion. In a month, when the grass grows back, it will look as if it has always been there.


For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a "Labirynth" is a path design that is used in a meditative way. It is similar to a "maze", except that there is only one circuitous path, and the walker is not meant to get lost or confused on the way to the goal. One walks the path, from the outer entrance beginning to the center goal, with the intention of prayer or meditation on the way. There is usually (but need not be ) a bench or stool at the center to rest on. Then one walks the same path back out to the place of entry.

Labyrinth paths can be a few yards or a few hundred or thousands of yards long. They can be inlaid in tile floors or be an outdoor landscape addition. This Scout's creation is about 30 feet across, and is a creative use of stone pavers and sod.


PM me for the address, if you might be in the MD area.


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