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on making mistakes

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Not sure if this is a good fit or not?


There once was a very wise old American Indian Chief.

Well known for his great wisdom.

A young Brave thought that he would put this wise man to the test.

He got a young live bird and hid it behind his back. Went to the Chief and asked "What do I have behind my back?"

The Chief was able to see the feathers falling from the bird. So he answered "A bird."

The young Brave thought that he would now be able to catch the wise Chief by asking if the bird was dead or alive. Knowing that if he said alive all he had to do was squeeze his fist and kill the bird.

So he asked the Chief "Is the bird dead or alive?"

The wise Chief looked him in the eye and said "The future my son lies in your hands"


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I posted this on our troop's website:


Don't ever be afraid of making a mistake, A Pope once said, "to err is human." Another guy (Peter David) said, "Knowledge may be gained from books, but wisdom can only be gained by experience, and mistakes are the greatest granters of wisdom. If one is afraid to make mistakes, then how will one stretch the bounds of his world? One should not simply walk gently into walls; one should run into them at full speed."


(A Pope is Alexander Pope)



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He was running at the swat team with a rifle. It was his fault. His first bad decision was to do something that caused the police to show up. That's not so bad, relatively speaking. What he didn't do is realize he made a mistake and back down. As the police tell us, sometimes good people make bad decisions.

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I really don't mean to hijack the thread.


I just recently (Within about the last year.) Joined the HNT (Hostage Negotiation Team) Where I work.

Hostage? While I am being trained to do my bit as a team member if and when a hostage situation situation should pop up. But so far the things I have had to deal with have more to do with guys doing something stupid and backing themselves into a no win situation.

I try my best to "Talk them down" before other less friendly action is taken.

When I interviewed to join the team I was asked how I would feel if I was asked to maybe talk someone to a spot where our rifle team could get a clear shot and maybe kill the hostage taker?

I had a real hard time with this one.

I have never killed anyone or anything more than the odd fly in my life.

I did answer the question by saying that if this was the only way to ensure the safety of the hostages I felt sure that I wouldn't have a problem.

I do in fact feel that I could and would do so if ordered.

But I'm sure that I might have some sleepless nights after.


Maybe? Rather than dwelling on making mistakes it might be better to dwell on ways to avoid them?

I have used STAR a lot with my son and with Scouts.

S = Stop

T = Think

A = Act

R = Reflect.



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