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First time Scoutmaster Minute

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I had the chance last meeting to serve as the Troop SM While our SM was away. I took advantage of my chance and had a SM Minute, something that's not done in our Troop sadly. Anyway, I had found a great little story about Service, and told the story. Afterwards I saw that there were a few boys who had cried after my minute. I was a bit surprised, and touched by this..

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This is "The Beggar Man" page 45 of the book, The Scouter's Companion. written by Ivan Turgenev,

Novelist and Playwright.



I was passing along the street when a beggar, a decrepit old man, stopped me.


Swollen, tearful eyes, blue lips, bristling rags, unclean sores.... Oh, how horribly had poverty gnawed that unhappy being!


He stretched out to me a red, bloated, dirty hand.... He moaned, he bellowed for help.


I began to rummage in all my pockets.... Neither purse, nor watch, nor even handkerchief did I find.... I had taken nothing with me.


And the beggar still waited ... and extended his hand, which swayed and trembled feebly.


Bewildered, confused, I shook that dirty, tremulous hand heartily....


"Blame me not, brother; I have nothing, brother."


The beggar man fixed his swollen eyes upon me; his blue lips smiled--and in his turn he pressed my cold fingers.


"Never mind, brother," he mumbled. "Thanks for this also, brother.--This also is an alms, brother."


I understood that I had received an alms from my brother.





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