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The Two Wolves

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As we approach Thanksgiving, I find myself thinking about food... and graces...


I once used this story as a lead in to a Blue and Gold banquet, I honestly can't say where I originally found it. For your consideration....


The Tribe Elder and his grandson were sitting and watching the sunset. The grandson noticed his elder was more pensive than usual, and asked him what he was thinking about.

The old man smiled at the boy and said, "my boy, there are two wolves inside me, and they fight. They are called by many names. The first is Love, Creation, Sympathy, Understanding and Tolerance. The second wolf is Hatred, Destruction, Intolerance, Bigotry, and Impatience.

These two are strong and fight in me every day. And I know they fight in YOU, my son." Here the old man paused and stared off at the fading sun.

The boy said, "grandfather, which wolf will win?"

The grandfather gazed down at the boy and said, "the one you feed."



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