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Need sermon for Scout Sunday

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I am trying to find something to use in place of a sermon for Scout Sunday. Our pack, troop & crew participates & leads the traditional Lutheran service- read lessons, prayers, usher, color guard etc.... I am looking for any ideas- something like a formal reading - maybe something that could involve multiple readers - adult leaders, teenage crew members & cubs....or something that I as the COR could use - like a longer SM Minute.... other ?


Anybody have any ideas or places to check?


BTW- This years Scout Sunday includes a Scout Hut ground breaking, dedication of a new flagpole in honor of a former SM & Pastor, BBQ plate fundraiser and the above service! Whew! Does anyone have other good suggestions for Scout Sunday?



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Some of the OT stories (or parables) translate very well in to character and values, and probably somewhat relate to the Koran, Bible, and the Torah. Of course, It doesn't relate to everyone's belief though.


I've used the story of David and Goliath and a little about King David for just a few Scoutmaster Minute (maybe more like 5 minutes, but not a half hour, or hour long sermon) during our campouts before.


David and Goliath is the story of a young boy, which overcame a huge struggle. A great story for Cub Scout age.


However, many years later, the same young man became King David, which made bad decisions and had character flaws, he had to learn that these were his errors. And had to ask forgiveness for his errors. A good value and character story for the Troop and Crew.


I usually add a few comments like "Cool, huh?", "Can you imagine?!", and "I'd be too chicken to do that!" Obviously, the Cubbies, Scouts, and Crew know I'm an adult, but trying to think like them.


Good Luck!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!


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Is the Church the CO?

Are all your boys Lutheran?

Can you (Should you?) step outside the traditional service texts to embrace Scouts who are not members of the Church?


You can find examples of "Scout's Own" services at:










Whatever your answers to the above questions, I think you'll find something helpful.


Good Luck,



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Is the church the CO?- yes

Are all the boys (and girls with the crew) Lutheran - no

The program is actually made up of more non- members (unchurched and members of other congregations) than CO church members - this due to church's youth demographics and the program is well regarded.


Thanks for the links- I will check them out!

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Good Luck -- don't surprise anyone with your selections. Take the time to preview with ALL the appropriate church leadership.


I'd be interested to hear how it goes, and if you can get your non-Lutheran boys to attend (and participate?) and how Church leadership responds to your efforts and choices.


I think there are many Units out there a little shy of Scout Sunday and Scout Shabbat. Your sharing will help us all with our Reverent efforts.



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I'd be interested, too, in what you decide. The only parts of the church service that our boys have been involved in are helping to greet and usher, carry the flags, and read scripture (that was chosen by the pastor.) We've also had some boys awarded their religious emblem during the Scout Sunday service.

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Old thread, I know, but I was just talking with the pastor of our CO this week about Scout Sunday in February.


Each year, attendance by Scouts and leaders has dwindled at our CO. Some go to their own churches, some are unchurched. The COR said they like to keep it "low-key" - even changed the date so we would not interfere with Communion. At the most, the boys handed out programs, once a boy read a scripture, another a Native American poem. That's about it.


So I have suggested that this year, we have our Scout Sunday service on Sunday evening. This CO does not meet on Sunday evenings and it would still allow Scouts to attend their home church that Sunday morning. It could end up being like a "youth" service, as we would lead all the service, from music to sermon to closing. The pastor would definitely like to be a part and would invite any from the congregation to join us. As it stands now, we have very little contact with the members of the church. He loved the idea because he knew it would mean a more special time for the boys, not just an added attraction at their Sunday service once a year.

We'll see...





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